2016 New Build Projects

25 May 2016

3D Design & Engineering is in the process of completing several new build projects for our telecommunications customers. In an effort to offer the highest quality construction drawings, we utilize 3D design applications as much as possible for both design and structural analysis. 3D Design & Engineering goes a step beyond the design and engineering of sites and also helps with utility coordination. Our company will contact and meet onsite with power, gas, and fiber consultants to get the project heading in the right direction.

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Fiber Design & Coordination

1 May 2016

3D Design & Engineering is now offering fiber design and coordination. Fiber is becoming increasingly more available and using a company who is up to date on current practices and design of fiber implementation is critical for our customers. We strive to make our fiber drawings the best they can be for both clients and fiber provider. 3D Design & Engineering will also meet in the field with the fiber provider and negotiate the fiber path during a light walk in order to achieve an end product that makes our customers happy.