3D Design and Structural Analysis

President and founder of 3D Design & Engineering, Nabil Mimouni, has a Phd in Civil Engineering and Structural studies. With over 20 years experience Mr. Mimouni acts as P.E. for 3D Design & Engineering. Wether you are modifying an existing tower, building / roof top, equipment platform, or concrete pad, 3D Design & Engineering can get you the permits you need and guide you with the safest and most cost-effective way to achieve your goal.

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Structural Services

• Tower Design
• Equipment Platform Design
• Deep & shallow foundation design
• Custom antenna mount design
• Tower & foundation structuraly analysis
• Equipment platform & foundation structural analysis
• Rooftop & building floor structural evaluation for heavy equipment installation
• Tower reinforcement design
• Equipment platform reinforcement desgin
• And much more!

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